Secure Your Router With Pc Assist

Implementing these simple methods I will show you how likely create a wireless bridge between a Wireless Router 160N and a Wi-Fi router Linksys WRT54G that was modded with DD-WRT firmware. You may ask what is a wireless bridge.You more could you ask yourself why you want to first create a wireless bridge. Effective wireless bridge when connecting a router to another router using all toiling wired cable. You can send a wireless bridge for a number of the following reasons to be created.

After changing the configuration modded Community in DD-WRT router, disconnect the router and then connect again, so that your new IP address. Your new handle IP should be somewhere in the network. Open now developing a Web browser to, is now the WRT54GS for DD-WRT router modded.

This post is for you to sketch the three key concepts that you must understand to configure a wireless router on your own. I’ll be the best way to explain, to do so without the installation CD that is included with your router and not some fancy gadgets or the buttons to try to make the building a simple wireless router. Although most of these approaches seems simple and easy to be on the surface, they do not always work. They also keep separate from any kind of familiarity with what is actually happening. In cases where a single mistake is made, you may to someone else call for help stuck forced and will be.

With a wave of my wand, Debian Sarge is installed on both servers. Do not be fooled by her sweet and the discrete nature. Known to be prepared for its robustness to hyperbole and in all 12 climate zones in the world, Debian Linux is through skillful a task to execute my orders.

The biggest problem with the cable Internet is that it is more expensive than DSL high-speed Internet access. Many DSL providers advertise that they are $ 35 per month. This is considerably less than what I pay.

Machines, all must reside on the same network only routing. If a machine wants to talk to another computer on the same network, it is a request over the network sends (a broadcast), to the address of the machine (MAC address) requesting the machine that owns the IP, tried to get. Once the other machine answers, the information in two currency.

Once you are there, you have the port area, span, either a TCP or UDP port, want to give the names of these parameters and the IP address of the computer that you forward the port. Make sure all boxes are checked apply. Click Save and it should.

Normally the password: admin and the password: Password can be used here. look elsewhere in your documentation. If Router account information has been changed from the default values ​​and you do not remember, you should reset hard. Hard reset deletes all configuration data and passes it to the factory settings.

Open the command prompt. Type “ping” (without quotation marks and how). Check the answers and act accordingly. If you should be done with the router configuration think something can be connected to the interface. Open your Internet browser, enter in the address, and press the A button bar. it will ask for the username and password of the router. Enter the credentials and check and change the settings if necessary. Save Settings and close all windows. Your wireless connection should now work correctly. If you know that it can go for support options online Netgear router to work still does not, and then looking.